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  • When folding the wings, why is there no disconnect necessary?"
    All controls, wiring and fuel hose enter the wings at the hinge joint, so no disconnecting is necessary.
  • How do the wings fold back?
    Just pull out the quick disconnect pin on the wing. Remove the turtle deck, then push the wings back against the fuselage. Less than five minutes!
  • How large is the storage area?
    The storage area is over 32 cu. ft., and with up to 700 Lb of useful load you can take a lot of gear. If you put the seats down you can even sleep in it!
  • I am over 6’4″.Could I fit into a Highlander?
    You could be 6’7″ and still not top out! The seats slide on rails and lock every few inches simply by pulling a spring loaded pin.
  • What would be the total cost and lead time of a complete factory built plane ready to fly?
    That woud mainly depend on the engine and the avionics required, so the price could be from the $80’s to the $90’s. The lead time now is approximately four months. This is subject to change however, so check with the factory.
  • Is there a cost advantage dealing with the factory rather than a dealer?
    There is no cost advantage. In fact your local dealer can give you a demo and handle many other questions you may have. If you do not know where your nearest dealer is, call the factory at 864-718-0320.
  • What is the difference between the Highlander and the Escapade?
    The Highlander is a more rugged design with better manuverability. Three foot longer wings Larger balanced elevator and rudder Heavier main gear and axles and larger brakes Gull style doors Larger tires
  • Are avionics available?
    Yes, however this is each customer’s choice. The cost can be from a basic $1200.00 to over $20,000.00. In most cases a kit buyer orders his avionics from a distributer, however we are available to advise the customer as to his needs.
  • What are the engine options?
    We have motor mounts for Rotax, Jabiru and Yamahas, however our customers have put on Continentals, Subaru, rotary engines and many others. You should contact the factory regarding which type of engine you wish to use.
  • What is the plane covered with?
    The skin is 1.7 oz. heat shrinkable polyester with double thickness at all stress points. The recommended paint is “SSuperflight” brand which is a two or three coat process. The paint contains additives for UV protection and flex. This finish should last 15 to 20 years.
  • What are the wings made of?
    The main spars are 2 1/2″ x .065 wall 6061t6 aluminum tubing reinforced with two extruded I beams in each spare. The ribs are three to five ply laminated Finnish birch which we find to be better performing than aluminum. Various aluminum cross supports are thruout the wings as required. All joints are riveted and epoxy glued.
  • Will I require any special tools or expertise to assemble the kit?
    No special tools are required.
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