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Build your Aircraft, your way!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When it comes to design, the Super STOL has everything you need to build and enjoy an incredible flying experience. Several options exist to allow you put your stamp on your build.

Choose from 2 incredible designs.

Super STOL kits come in 2 varieties, Super STOL and Super STOL XL. The standard Super STOL provides all of the STOL features required, such as Leading Edge Slats, Large Fowler Flaps, Wing Spoilers, Nitrogen filled Suspension Landing Gear etc. Tytpicla engine options for the Super STOL include ROTAX 912, ROTAX 914.

The Super STOL XL offers all of the standard Super STOL features but also provides an extended airframe to cater for a more powerful engine / power plat set up. The extra fuselage ensures that the heavier engines (200 lbs or less), such as Titan X320, Titan X340, UL 520i, Lycoming O-320 can be accomodated safely.

Super STOL blank canvas

Build the aircraft you always wanted to build:

  • Upgrade your engine options

  • Enhance your panel with glass, or go trad with steam gauges

  • Customise on colour and look

Open up endless possibilities for flying adventures.

Call today to discuss your options and to reserve your kit!

Wild Atlantic Aircraft - Gerry Ryan - +353 86 222 0680


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Exciting addition to the Irish aviation community best of luck with the new business.

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