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Just Aircraft Factory Visit & Demo Flight

This past month saw me visit the Just Aircraft factory in South Carolina, where I received a very warm Walhalla welcome. I spent a full and enjoyable day in the company of Gary, Troy, Buddy, Jack, Lynn and the other Just Aircraft team members. Thanks to all for the exceptional hospitality.

See below for some photos and videos of all things SuperSTOL.

SuperSTOL with ROTAX 914

It was great to see the factory running at full speed building and preparing kits in readiness for shipping to various customers world wide. Buddy provided me with a complete tour of the factory floor and explained all aspects of the manufacturing process. Seeing the precision manufacturing processes being applied to the creation of kits was inspiring. I am just hanging out for my kit to hit the production line, but I am sure the wait will be worth it.

New orders for SuperSTOL and Highlander kits are received daily due to the phenomenal success of the SuperSTOL & Highlander design, coupled with continued success by Gary and Troy at various airshows across the USA, while dealers worldwide also report strong sales from their various markets.

Below photo shows the latest batch of kits as they await shipment to their lucky owners.

Gary was also kind enough to take me for some exhilarating flights in the SuperSTOL, where he demoed some of it's legendary capabilities. It has to be experienced to fully appreciate the capabilities, angle of attack, landing experience. Below are some videos of Gary flying from the Just Aircraft factory strip. So good to see the SuperSTOL in it's natural environment.

PS: The videos do not really show how steep the runway is, it has to be seen to be believed.

Gary taking off at Just Aircraft strip.

Gary landing at Just Aircraft Strip.

Gary doing a demo of slow flight.

To meet the team, to see, hear and touch the aircraft, and to experience the high angles of attack and the incredible landing experiences was absolutely exhilarating. I now look forward to taking delivery of our kit so that we can get it built and in the air over the skies of Co Clare, Ireland.

If you are thinking of purchasing a kit, but have not yet committed, do it now. You will not be disappointed.

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