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Just Aircraft SUPER STOL now available in IRELAND!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Wild Atlantic Aircraft in conjunction with Just Aircraft are now supplying Super STOL and Super STOL XL kits to the Irish market.

Just Aircraft - The STOL Global Standard

Just Aircraft, based in Walhall, SC, USA have designed a spectacular STOL aircraft that ensures a fun and safe flying experience on and off airport. Innovative and precision design places Just Aircraft at the forefront of STOL aircraft kits design and development.

Low & Slow, The Way to Go!

The Super STOL and Super STOL XL provide pilots with exceptional low speed handling and the ability to "drop" in to almost any landing spot. The design incorporates self deployable leading edge slats, wing spoilers and large fowler flaps to open up endless landing possibilities. Troy states "Just drag her in 4 or 5 feet above the ground, chop the power with brakes on and turn off..."

Just Aircraft Super STOL kits are available for purchase in Ireland throught JA's Authorised Irish Reseller Wild Atlantic Aircraft. Call Gerry Ryan today on 086 222 0680 to discuss options and to reserve your kit.


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alex ( Mr. afors)
alex ( Mr. afors)
Oct 15, 2021

These things Look awesome and so much fun

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