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SuperSTOL Fly In - 2023

Brasstown Airstrip is located in the Brasstown Valley, NC, USA and is owned and operated by The Payne Brothers, Vic & Billy. As Just Aircraft dealers, builders and instructors they have built a little piece of paradise in the Appalachian Mountains.

Each October, Vic & Billy invite Just Aircraft owners to the annual Brasstown Fly In. Below is a small selection of phots and video from the weekend.

With an elevation of 1,736 feet (529 m), Brasstown offers spectacular beauty, and at times given the terrain and mountain winds, challenging flying conditions. With the Hiwassee River at one end and the rising terrain of the Appalachian peaks at the other, the 2,200 foot grass runway rewards those who fly in with a warm welcome, hot food and cold beer.

Each year an enthusiastic, friendly and extremely helpful group of Just Aircraft pilots descend on Brasstown to catch up, tell stories and most importantly, to fly. Just Aircraft staff are also present to answer questions, provide updates and to give demo flights. Billy organises several flying events on the Saturday. Friday night involves an evening visit to Chevelles Bar in Murphy NC for burgers and beer once the flying has finished.

This year had events listed for novice and advanced pilots covering "Limbo", STOL Competition, STOL Cross, and "Flour Bomb". However, given unfavourable winds the STOL and Flour Bomb events had to be postponed.

As organiser, Billy does not get to fly much over the weekend, so it was great to see him putting "Rambo" through its paces during a lull in activities.

There was a mix of Just Aircraft models on display, including SuperSTOL, SuperSTOL XL, Highlander and Escapade. Have to say it was great to see how each pilot has customised their own aircraft to suit their needs. Also on site were many SuperSTOL and Highlander Kits at various stages of the construction process.

How Low Can You Go?

Limbo fun at Brasstown provided great entertainment for those watching, while providing a skills challenge to those pilots who took to the skies for the event.

Gary tells me he was demonstrating how to do a perfect ribbon cut above.

The perfect result above leaves the ribbon intact.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Can't get much lower than that!

STOL Cross:

STOL Cross involves flying a set course, with multiple take off and landings, where your first take off and final landing are also measured. The course typically involves 3 different landing types and ensuring all way points are checked off.

Gary above doing the first section, cross wind takeoff, cross the river and then turn back for an into wind landing. Must run all the way to the end of the landing strip before commencing take off run.

Next landing is on the mountain (no video of this - sorry), then fly back to the valley to finish with the hill landing, shown below, where the landing roll is measured. I don't think anyone was sure who won the event, but great fun was had by all.

Brasstown Hospitality:

An exceptional welcome is given to one and all by Vic & Billy. Below Billy does the pre STOL Cross briefing and the gang grab a welcome lunch compliments of Billy.

Great to see all ages enjoying what truly is a family event.

Below, Billy announcing the results of the competitions while the crowd enjoys some good old fashioned Moonshine. Gotta love Billy's notepad :)

All in all it was a great weekend, meeting many new friends and reacquainting with old friends. It is a part of this type of flying that never gets old where people come together to help each other, to spread knowledge and to do what we all love to do.... FLY!

Reach out if you have any questions. I am happy to help where possible.

Gerry Ryan

Wild Atlantic Aircraft.



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